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Aussie truckies road to freedom

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At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when Australians were being thrusted in and out of lockdowns, the truckies never waivered. These essential workers continued to work long, exhausting hours to ensure there was no disruption to our supply chains. But how the tables have turned on these hard working Aussies. 

Thousands of truck drivers across Australia have left their jobs frustrated by strict COVID-19 testing regimes and vaccine mandates. This mass exodus has put pressure on our supply chain, leaving some trucking companies unable to recruit staff, resulting in them knocking back work and selling up their vehicles. The Age has reported that we have "lost between 5-7% of our interstate truck drivers, and they won’t be replaced. And 3-5% of local drivers because of the pandemic, vaccinations and COVID rules.”

As the Canadian Trucker Convoy and its enormous stream of trucks makes its way to Ottawa to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cross-border vaccine mandate, momentum in Australia is building and all eyes are on our Aussie truckies. Currently, social media sites are exploding with images of every day Australian's joining the Convoy to Canberra. Whilst these numbers are no comparison to the tens of thousands of Canadian truckers and supporters taking to the icy roads, the passion and enthusiasm of those families who have jumped in their vehicles to meet up at Parliament House is not insignificant.

But, imagine how big this convoy could become if our truckies hit the road and join them?

This is where TBU members can take the lead. 

Our members have the passion, the bravery and the heart to lead the way to substantially grow the number of trucks hitting the road to freedom. With your help TBU will strategise, develop and communicate a convoy action plan to show these fat cat bureaucrats that business owners, including transport owner operators, have had enough. As a collective we will take back our power to manage our own businesses without the obdurate and increasingly nonsensical regulations being forced on us by the government.

Business owners and truckies of Australia, it's time!

This is your moment and TBU can help facilitate it.