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The Business Union has launched

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We are proud to announce the launch of The Business Union (TBU).

Small business is under attack. As a result, TBU is fired-up and ready to go in to bat for them. We have been listening to business owners all across the nation and we know that you have had a gutful of the overreach of government and piled-on regulation. In response, TBU brings a comprehensive service organisation and the best legal crew in Australia.

TBU is an arm of the Red Union Support Hub (RUSH), the same group who launched the Nurses Professional Association of Qld (NPAQ) and went head-to-head with the ACTU-controlled traditional nurses unions. We grew to over 7,000 members in June 2021 to 17,000 this week. Yes, it was the vaccine mandates that did it.

Although no one on the conservative side of politics understands this stuff, we have destroyed the “union monopoly”. Whilst the “fat lady hasn’t sung” just yet, in the next couple of years our steady growth, which is now Australia-wide, will scuttle the union/Labor cash flow model which allows the unions to charge twice as much as necessary so the excess can be used to fund the ALP.

It has become very clear that the traditional unions do not do very much for their members and fail to provide effective member support infrastructure. And, when a union thinks they have a monopoly they are not too concerned what their members think. But watch that dynamic change when there is competition!

One of the reasons that Red Union was the only group in the fight against the mandates was that other than for the CFMEU, who are well resourced, the others do  not have the capacity to oppose the government. In any event, they also quickly recognised that the “victims” of the mandates were largely the former constituency of the Conservatives and it did not matter that they were being attacked. Particularly since the Conservatives refused to lift a finger for them. In fact, in NSW and SA the conservative governments attacked their own constituents.


The long term goal is to foster a political movement who will not be the “bureaucratic system", the “B team” (The ALP are the “A team” ) but instead stand and fight for the people who pay the bloody bills and who currently pay the salaries and lifestyles of the bureaucrats. This will not happen until a political constituency is fostered with similar communities of interest to influence pre-selections and swing elections.

This excellent article Small business languish while the government grows fat by Xin Du will be one of our foundation stones. Read the article here.